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Stone Mixer Parts Repair Service

Stone Mortar Mixers Repair Fast

Buy Stone Mortar Mixer repair parts and get that old mixer churning again like new!

Stone Mortar Mixers can really go through a lot on any job site. Stone Toro mixers are built tough, but even the normal daily wear and tear on a construction site will take a hard toll on the internal components of the mortar mixer. Bent and vibrating paddle shafts, sticking bull gears, bearings and even rubber paddle blades getting worn down are a common issues to encounter. Just buying the right repair parts can save you lots of money rather than a new towable mixer purchase. Another very common call we get is for the drum bearings and seals. Mortar mixer mixing drums can get clogged with wet mortar causing it to harden inside like glue sometimes. Simply hosing out your mixer drum tub after every job can save you lots of money in lost downtime year after year.

The electrical health of your Stone Mortar Mixer is important as well. Many Stone Mortar Mixers that are belt driven require inspection of that belt monthly. Note that there is never a need to buy a new motor, costing a bunch of money, when an inexpensive run capacitor or on off switch can fix the issue. Call in now to speak with one of our technicians to find out all about it.

Stone Concrete Cement Mixers

Clean them up and keep them running - Stone Concrete Mixers really are the best

Running a Toro Stone cement mixer will save you time and money. There is nothing worse than not being able to mix concrete on the job site where and when you you have to have it. Most every time this happens it can be directly be linked either a improperly cleaned drum and ring gear. Always keep an eye on the health of your concrete mixer. Cleaning it properly every time after use and even a monthly inspection of the mechanical gear parts is always a good idea to ensure the longevity of your concrete mixing equipment.

Contractor Note: The Stone Concrete Mixer is one of the most portable, reliable and contractor friendly mixers on the market. Call now to hear more about this wonderful mixer.

Toro Stone Equipment History

The long history of Stone Construction Equipment, Inc. dates all the way back to 1967. This American Company, was a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of light concrete construction equipment. With well over 375 models, Stone Equipment made machinery to deliver long life and to be productive, reliable, easy to service and easy to operate. With contractors and do-it-yourselfers around the globe in mind, Stone mortar mixers set the bar. Over 50 years ago, in in Honeoye, NY, Stone had a 20-acre campus housed state-of-the-art 175,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, corporate and administrative office for all aspects of research, development and engineering. The company was market-driven with a strong customer focus.

Over the years it became clear that having Toro acquire Stone Equipment would prove crucial to prolong the success and growth of the company. In 2012 Toro took on full control of the Stone brand with plans to expand and create even more quality and innovative products for the contractor market. Stone was always well known for their line up of machinery like concrete, mortar, and silo mixers, grout placing systems, compaction equipment, trench compactors, concrete power trowels, concrete buggies, masonry block saws, concrete vibrators and screeds.

The Toro company has taken the foundation of Stone Equipment products and solidified the product quality customers expect from that brand today. So many companies rely upon Toro to deliver easy-to-operate equipment that hold up to demands of heavy use, year after year. Toro’s construction business is driven by mixer and compaction products that move materials, mix mortar and finish concrete for building structures, and compact soil for secure and strong foundations. Toro products are also trusted by landscapers for tree care management, and gardening professionals for aerating, seeding and lawn care overall maintenance.

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